Business Watch Customization: Watch Battery Common Sense

- Mar 18, 2019-

Nowadays, with the improvement of social living standards, watches are gradually replacing mobile phones and owning famous watches. What we need most is maintenance. If we do not maintain them properly, we will lose not only watches, but also money. People pay more and more attention to wearing clothes. Watches are one of them. People used to buy watches to see the time. With the appearance of all kinds of watches, all kinds of styles attract people's attention, which also gives many black-hearted manufacturers many opportunities to take advantage of. Let's introduce some common knowledge about watch batteries. Hope to help you!

Watch Battery Requirements

The role of batteries in watches. If a mechanical watch is wound up, it provides energy for integrated electrical appliances, step motors and display devices to maintain the normal operation of the watch from the surface. Requirements for batteries: large capacity per unit volume, life should be more than one year; discharge characteristics should be stable: internal resistance should be small; cost should be low: self-discharge should be small; there should be no leakage of liquid and gas.

Nowadays, the batteries commonly used in watches can basically meet the above requirements.

Battery structure

The main structure of watch battery is composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte, separator, shell, rubber sealing ring, cover and so on. The shape and structure of the battery are described. Because the shape of batteries used in watches is often made into button batteries, so it is also called button batteries. The diaphragm sealed the positive and negative materials strictly, and filled the negative materials and battery electrolyte above the diaphragm. The negative material is composed of high purity zinc powder, corrosive agent and cementitious agent. The cathode material is formed by adding more than 5% carbon from silver oxide and pressure forming with adhesives. The diaphragm allows charged ions (oh) to pass through and prevents Ag from passing through. The sealing ring can insulate the positive and negative batteries, discharge the gases produced by chemical action and prevent the leakage of carbon liquid.

Discharge Characteristics of Watch Batteries

The discharge characteristic curves of several kinds of batteries are different, and the variation of discharge voltage curves of Ag-Zn batteries is very stable. In the course of using 32768Hz quartz electronic watch, the change of battery voltage is only 0.2V~0.3V, so the change of battery voltage has little effect on the travel time accuracy of quartz electronic watch.

Temperature Characteristics of Watch Batteries

The low temperature characteristics of the battery are not good, and the internal resistance of the battery increases rapidly with the decrease of temperature. When discharging, the increase of the internal resistance of the battery will cause the increase of the internal voltage drop of the battery, which will lead to the decrease of the load voltage of the battery, thus affecting the normal operation of the watch.

Use and Storage of Watch Battery

Many consumers do not understand the use and storage of watch batteries. In fact, the replacement of watch batteries should pay attention to the position of the positive and negative electrodes in the watch cell, and firmly imprison the battery in the watch cell. When picking up batteries, we should never talk about short circuit of positive and negative poles or pollution of batteries.