Brand watch information- The making process of the PIAGET watchband

- Nov 09, 2017-

Brand watch information- The making process of the PIAGET watchband

Since 1960s, between tabulating and jewelry craft the perfect combination of the Earl of PIAGET to make continuous exploration hard gems and gold processing technology very attractive, with outstanding works of eye popping. The rich possibilities in terms of design ladies watch shows the PIAGET count continual imagination. Slim movement and Watch Jewelry collocation gold chain, complement each other, showing the elaborate design and craftsmanship of hitherto unknown.

Especially a watchcase inlaid diamond and emerald emerald oval watch dial chain crafted unique collocation, is that in many fashionable personage love most. This watch has many variations, is part of the traditional PIAGET count, the chain has become a distinct symbol of the brand.

This series inspired by the legendary watch, highlighting the Earl of PIAGET gold traditional processing, filling the exquisite bracelet. The elegant palace totem manual ornament crafts given a rainbow as chain belt, like a wound on the wrist of silk. Inspired by the details of senior custom clothing chain, on the back of the same brilliance, the virtuosity shows. A large number of the chain segments assembled to create the overall effect is extremely delicate, meticulous and each component are constitute an extremely light gold fabric. In the above case direct chain assembly, the dial and the chain two perfectly combines.

Before welding


Ready for welding.


Welding watchband


The chain  and the watch case assembly together, followed by laser positioning, to ensure the perfect combination of components.


To make the watch chain link assembly


Welding after assembly the chain links


Use the welding gun welding the chain and case.


file finishing after grinding