Brand watch information- features and unique handcrafted

- Nov 09, 2017-

Brand watch information- features and unique handcrafted

Mosaic (Mosa her que) the word in the 1st century BC was born in Roman, but its real origin but can be traced back to the 3rd century BC Sicilian, the first in the history of glass and marble tile inlaid pattern found here. At the time, this was used to replace the glass and marble Cubes cutting pebbles as techniques of inlaid materials, called innovations. Mosaic mosaic technology continues to evolve and develop, and there is a mosaic process of miniature mosaic, which was particularly popular in Italy at the end of the eighteenth Century.

Cartire Rotonde de Cartier turtle design mosaic Watch

In making, you first select gems. Subsequently, gems technicians will be screened warm natural gem cutting, make it become a side length of 0.75 mm, 0.4 mm thick cubes. Then, in accordance with the order in advance, one by one inlaid jewel square, the whole turtle pattern inlaid with 1167 pieces of gem.

Cartire Santos-Dumont horse ornament mosaic Watch

Cartire Santos-Dumont watch and golden horse decorative mosaic together through the metal hook side horse, neck, mane and nostril details of the lines, through the hand carved gold line show, a valiant horse show most incisive.

Cartire Rotonde de Cartier - turtle pattern mosaic watch, 42 mm in diameter.


Master craft polished natural gemstones into 0.4 mm thick slices


Natural gemstone slices after grinding and cutting.


1167 jewel pieces  inlaid in the pattern one by one 


Skilled in the use of color masters, a variety of warm color stones cleverly combined to form a beautiful pattern


True to life of the horse, as if the sky. The whole painting consists of a metal hook, neck, mane and nostrils details by hand carved gold lines to show