Brand watch information- Bvlgari's first lady super complex Watch

- Nov 09, 2017-

Brand watch information- Bvlgari's first lady super complex Watch


The lush verdant forests, clear deep sky, endless colorful animal world...... Bvlgari (Bulgari) created a classic history of the Milky Way, 2013 Basel Watch Fair on Bvlgari (Bulgari) show the lady Bvlgari to nature as the theme of the ultra complicated watches (Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari), as the first lady of ultra complicated watches, it marks the advent of Bvlgari (Bulgari) officially entered the field of advanced tab. Dial on the vivid parrot foundation in nature, a riot of colours flowers, green leaves, hollowed out visible extraordinary movement...... And all this in a different kind of presenting complicated function of Ladies Watch Here, let us together to appreciate Ms. Bvlgari ultra complicated watches (Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari) during the manufacturing process!

Bvlgari watches will combine this exquisite jewelry inlaid with micro painted handicraft creation perfect, highlighting the brand for the traditional watch explores the production process, and the infinite respect to the traditional watch production process.


The process is slow and complicated - it requires craftsmen to skillfully use color, drawing and other manufacturing processes, and it is more difficult to complete the creation on such a small dial. Moderate pigment modulation requires a combination of base colors and solvents, and the use of adhesives to ensure the desired consistency of pigments.


The seemingly simple process requires a great deal of patience from the craftsman. The mixing and balance of tone, gradation and color are only accomplished by the top craftsmen.


The pattern on each hole in three layers of pigment (flower) to five (leaves) or eight layers of pigment (parrot) operation; at the same time in between each layer of pigment, craftsmen must ensure cleanliness of the surface of the dial, and remove all the overflow hole of the coating


Just like the exquisite dial design, the production process of the movement fully inherits the top-level specification of advanced tabulation.


Vivid and complex movement through the circular open face clearly visible, a vivid carved parrot inhabits open deck.