Benefits of mechanical watch penetration

- May 31, 2018-

Benefits of mechanical watch penetration

Why only mechanical watches have penetration?

Because only mechanical watch core has more technology, appreciation value is higher. Have you ever looked inside a watch? Watch is the smallest precision mechanical device, there are many meshing transmission gears in the watch movements, shapes of lever, spring, fine grinding of splint and screw, and a rapid rotation balance wheel balance spring, shaking constantly automatic tuo... Together, they cooperate meticulously, it is a fantastic mechanical world! It is the acme and summit of our human precision machine processing, and we are very amazed at the wisdom of watchmaker and the superhuman production ability. For hundreds of years, through the efforts of many generations of skilled craftsmen, the achievements and brilliance of modern clocks have been created.

Anything subtle or subtle should be shown. Watch movement on the structure principle and the manufacture is able to bear or endure look, delicate polishing parts is also very beautiful, at the same time can also be a peek to watch every action of the operation process, and this is the charm of mechanical watches. Transparent watches have high requirements on the surface modification of the machine core, such as automatic tuo, wheel splint, generally with stripes, pearls and arc lines. Screws and steel parts also have to be carefully polished, and at the same time, the brand name of the watch core number and some unique logo, engraved in the core when the eye. So, the watch machine core that penetrates bottom wants to pay more attention to, because this is compared with year of opaque bottom more expensive

The surface of the watch core and even its interior (including: core logo, number, shockproof device, etc.) can be seen clearly, so it is not easy to be made into a fake watch. Its time-travel status (such as the amplitude of the pendulum wheel and the rotation of the autopilot) can also be easily observed, which is also a benefit.

Process: a trainspotter watch basically adopts sapphire glass, considering from contact with a person's wrist skin, also can greatly reduce the nickel in the stainless steel metal seeping, thus reducing the impact on the people may be skin allergy, more green and healthy. The only disadvantage is that the waterproof sealing ring of the watch is more than one, so it is more difficult to seal the watch.