Attention must be paid to the use of common sense in quartz watch maintenance

- Mar 19, 2019-

Speaking of quartz watches, most people don't think they are as respectable as mechanical watches. In my mind, it is natural to equate it with cheapness, let alone how to maintain it. In fact, quartz watches and mechanical watches are not much comparable, they have their own characteristics. The price of quartz watches produced by many famous brands is not cheap, so it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance. A fine quartz watch, properly maintained, can extend its service life, stop stopping quartz watch and other issues. Today, the wristwatch home will introduce you some general knowledge about quartz watch maintenance. We must pay attention to it in use.

Six Measures for Daily Maintenance of Quartz Watches


Never feel dusty. Dust is undoubtedly one of the three natural enemies of quartz watch. When quartz watches are exposed to dust-intensive areas, they will naturally lead to dust entering the surface cracks, and a large amount of dust will accelerate the drying up of the core surface oil. Therefore, a series of problems such as the inaccuracy of quartz watches will be caused by the lack of maintenance and dust accumulation in daily life. To deal with the problem of watch dust, only a small piece of wipe cloth, or to professional maintenance center for after-sales maintenance.

high temperature

Many people think their watches are waterproof watches, or diving watches, so they take watches to steam sauna with impunity. The temperature of sauna room is far higher than the normal outdoor temperature. The instantaneous temperature difference will lead to the accelerated aging of quartz watches waterproof mat. Therefore, because of work needs, or like to steam sauna friends as much as possible with their wrist watch for maintenance, do a good job of waterproof protection.


Most quartz watches are waterproof to 30 meters or 50 meters. Even if the watch has waterproof function, don't take it with you in places with high humidity. The concept of ordinary waterproof watches is just waterproof. It's no problem to dip in some water. It's not that watches don't get into water, but waterproof measures: on the one hand, keep away from high humidity areas, on the other hand, try not to let watches get wet. When water meter enters water or fog, corresponding measures must be taken.


Unlike mechanical watches, quartz watches become extremely fragile when they experience instantaneous violent vibration. Few people wear high-grade suit quartz watches to participate in golf swing. It is amazing to know that the moment of kick-off, the instantaneous force on the wrist is very astonishing. Although this is a common thing for human bones, it is undoubtedly an astonishing disaster for quartz watches, many of which are sent to maintenance centers because of their owners'enthusiastic swing.

magnetic field

Now the magnetic field is everywhere in our life, from microwave oven, electromagnetic oven, television, to eating a chafing dish, playing electric power, the magnetic field has an impact on our life. The quartz watches just bought will produce errors, probably because of the influence of magnetic field. There will be more and more errors when the quartz watch core is magnetized. Don't panic, in case of being magnetized, you can go to the professional maintenance center to do degaussing treatment. In order to avoid such troubles, it is suggested that the quartz meter should be removed away from the strong magnetic field area, where there is electric current in life is the magnetic field area, and it is recommended to stay away from it.


Whether quartz watches are all steel or precious metal watchcase, there is always a problem of wear and tear. Many people will be attracted by the words stainless steel and never wear and tear. But in fact, even the case made of the best steel, there will be wear and tear. Even the buckle will wear and tear if it contacts the desktop naturally every day. For example, typing keyboards for a long time can lead to ugly patterns on the buttons of watches. For this reason, proper care should be taken not to involve the case and chains in meaningless wear and tear, which is also needed to make our quartz watch "look very new".

Travel time error of quartz meter

Movement problem

The accuracy of a watch varies according to the type of the watch's core. Quartz watches use quartz vibrators instead of cycloids in mechanical watches, and use their correct high-speed oscillation to timing. Generally speaking, the accuracy of quartz watches is higher. The Swiss standard is that the monthly error is within 15 seconds, and some precise machine cores can reach within a few seconds of annual error.

Insufficient electricity

If the quartz watch suddenly slows down, it may be due to insufficient battery energy, you can send the watch to the special maintenance point to check the power.

Watch magnetic

If the quartz watch core is magnetized, the watch will not travel accurately.

Need maintenance

The quartz watches that have not been maintained for a long time are likely to be inaccurate due to the accumulation of dust in the machine core.

Be hit, hit

Quartz watches are very precise. If they are hit or smashed, they are likely to cause internal parts to loosen and damage, and also cause travel time problems.

In addition to the above, there may be other bad habits, resulting in increased errors in watches. It is recommended that when problems arise, the watch should be sent to the professional maintenance center for inspection and adjustment by professionals, so that your watch can be restored as before. In addition, we remind you that there are errors in the running time of the watch. It is necessary to put the watch in the maintenance center for a few days for stop-and-go observation.