Antirust and Rust Removal of Watches

- Apr 19, 2019-

Watches have been used for a long time, it is inevitable that for various reasons, the surface of the watch is rusty, so it is necessary to know how to prevent and remove rust. Anti-rust and rust removal methods for watches. Let's get to know it.

A dryer is composed of coarse or fine porous silica gel and a small amount of discolored silica gel in a sealed glass container. Because porous silica gel can absorb a large amount of moisture at 95% - 100% relative humidity or directly into the solution, while fine porous silica gel has a high moisture absorption capacity even at low relative humidity.

Such mixed use can meet the storage requirements. Apply a small amount of Vaseline to the interface of the dryer and seal tightly. The cover should be opened at least to prolong the service life of silica gel. If the discolored silica gel turns red, it should be dried, regenerated or renewed. In addition, brush can be used before cleaning when the grease scale in the machine core is serious or slightly oxidized.

Anti-rust paper packaging parts, can use multi-effect anti-rust paper, suitable for steel, copper parts and steel, copper machine core parts combination parts. Rust-proof paper is waxed on the outside (moisture-proof) and vapor-phase rust-proof agent on the inside.

The parts are immersed in the washing oil with 5% 901 antirust oil, roughly washed and cleaned respectively once (the washing oil can be prepared with industrial gasoline or kerosene for lamp, and the oil seal can be dipped, brushed and sprayed at room temperature).

For mechanical watches in use, especially unsealed mechanical watches and exposed mechanical watches, the machine core parts are not dried in time after water vapor intake, resulting in rust of machine core parts. The parts are rusty. Destroy the surface quality, make the watch machine can not work properly, cause the watch to travel inaccurately, and even damage parts seriously. When repairing, the rusted parts can be soaked in gasoline for a period of time, and the brown or green oxides can be soaked down, but the time is slow and incomplete.