Advantage and disadvantage of Mechanical Watches

- May 08, 2019-

1. What is a mechanical watch?

In popular parlance, mechanical meters are not electronic, so they don't need to replace batteries, so they don't have to worry about losing electricity. In terms of appearance, a mechanical watch and a quartz watch can be distinguished at a glance. The seconds of a quartz watch jump one by one, and the time of a mechanical watch moves continuously and uninterruptedly. Its travel time depends on the internal precision mechanical device, which needs the upper chord to provide the required power to ensure the accuracy of travel time. The accuracy, of course, is not more precise than quartz watches. The error of mechanical watches is (+30 seconds/day). Daily wear has no effect.

2. There is a love watch called "mechanical plot"

Men are born with a special love for machinery, so there is a complex for mechanical watches: mechanical ticking brings inner touches, women are bound to be unable to understand. A collector of clocks and watches said that he liked to listen carefully to the ticking sound brought by the mechanical texture of clocks and watches in the dead of night. The exhaustion of a day disappeared instantly, and a great sense of satisfaction rose in the air.

3. The distinction between manual and automatic

Mechanical watches are divided into automatic and manual. Manual watches, as its name implies, need to be hand-chained before the power release of the watch to ensure normal movement. In principle, automatic watches do not need to be manually chained, as long as the normal daily wrist movement provides sufficient power, it is relatively easier than manual watches. It's very simple to distinguish manual from automatic. Look.

Whether the core of the back of the watch has a pendulum, which is a half-moon centrifugal shape, shakes the watch, and it can swing with it.

4. Uplink process

Whether it sounds troublesome or not, but some people enjoy the pleasure and even the sense of accomplishment brought about by this process. Of course, some people worry about whether overfull chain will lead to the break of the hairspring and not dare to start. In fact, in the case of manual chain, in normal circumstances, after getting up in the morning, full chain can start at the moment of full chain, 24 hours a day, from the moment of full chain. Volume is in a gradual decline process; while automatic chain-up, in addition to sleep, during other normal activities, the winding has been in the process of continuous chain-up, and you do not need to worry about excessive movement to make its energy overload, it has a special protection device to ensure that the winding will not break.

5. Preference and Selection of Machine Core

For the choice of mechanical watches, it is more different from person to person. If you like pure mechanical feeling without too much fancy decoration, you can consider German watches. German watches are as rigorous as German watches - practical first, appearance is service and performance. They are famous for simplicity. Like Langer and Glasudi's original, the design features are German calendar, concise but aesthetic. Some brands, such as Feick watches, are more affordable, some even controlled at about 800 yuan, full of mechanical sense, but the quality is always meticulous, with a full demeanor, which not only meets your desire for mechanical possession, but also won't be too expensive and unbearable.

Mechanical watch maintenance tip: mechanical watch needs regular maintenance, protection and maintenance costs are relatively large, which may increase its overall cost.