A gold-plated watch

- Apr 23, 2019-

The worship of human gold has a long history, and the mastery of its physical characteristics is also very well understood. For example, it was invented that adding some other elements to the soft gold can improve its hardness, such as 18K gold watch, or can change its color, such as red gold and platinum watch. However, these are expensive high-end watches will use the material, if economic strength does not allow, in fact, we can also have other options, such as gold-plated watches, gold-coated watches, yellow-plated watches. Today, Xiaobian is for you under the three materials of popular science.

Gold Plated Watch

A gold-plated watch is a watch with a very thin layer of gold on its metal surface. How thin is it? Between 10 microns and 20 microns, it will not change color. However, due to the non-wear-resistant nature, the outer layer of the case will fall off with the change of time, so it is a very headache to pay attention to life habits and daily maintenance when wearing.

Gold watch

Gold-coated watches can be called gold-coated watches with gold plating of more than 20 microns. The thickest gold layer of gold-coated watches can be as thick as 80 microns. No discoloration. Because the gold-clad watch is made of two kinds of metal bonded, not only the process is very complex and easy to delaminate, the cost of production is close to 18K gold watch, so nowadays, this process is used again with few brands.

Yellow plating

Yellow-plated watches are inexpensive, not easy to delaminate, and can emit a brighter color than gold. However, this kind of yellow material has nothing to do with gold. The most common one is a layer of metal film consisting of copper, zinc and aluminium alloy, which is attached to the surface of fine steel by PVD ion plating process. There are also cheaper titanium plating processes. Titanium plated watches by PVD are cheaper. The disadvantage is that it will fade and discolor over time.