8 bad habits will ruin your watch

- Oct 19, 2017-

1.at the wrong time to tune the calendar

The current universal calendar watch calendar is a restricted area. If you have to tune, before 22:00, 1:00 after the tune is better. TIPS: Big Three Needle Hand

Table does not know the 24-hour instructions, you can adjust the time to adjust the time to drive the calendar beating to determine the 24-hour instructions, and then adjust the calendar

2.the watch placed in the box motionless

Watches to wear out often wear, put a long time is also easy to fault. Watch the parts between the lubricating oil in the long time still appear dry condition, the oxidation of the watch is influential when walking. Recommended a month 2 times on the chain, 3-5 years of normal maintenance. Stored in a dry environment

3.Electronic products let the watch by magnetic

Mobile phones, computers, ipad these digital products is not the culprit, the most powerful is the speaker, machine mahjong table, television, etc.

4.Excessive polished case

Excessive polishing can also damage the metal on the case. Even if a lot of 316 steel watches will have hard and so on. PVD gold can not be polished too much


In addition to the watertight 300 meters or a special diving table, the other watches can not be exposed to water for a long time, or even just life waterproof. Many people do not understand the waterproof rating. Remember 100 meters barely able to shower. 200 meters can soak. 100 below the identification of soaked water will be easy to water. Any watch can not sauna or contact with water vapor.

6.Not for a long time to repair

Like a car, the watch should be regularly repaired, so that life can be longer

7.Excessive winding

It is better to keep 80% of the winding.

8.The chronograph function is not used correctly

Chronograph as one of the most common complex functions, but also a lot of people favorite features, but not everyone knows how to play, if the operation is not appropriate, it is easy to damage the movement