2035(SUPER 2035)movement

- Oct 16, 2017-

Movement splint surface gold, the use of metal wheel, motor coil with a shield, the circuit power consumption is smaller and more power.


Usually 2035 mobile circuit power consumption are below 2 microamps, but to say that the watch can run for 3 years, I feel a bit exaggerated, if not with the second hand that is almost the same. MIYOTA movement is Japan's Citizen watch manufacturers under the blank movement manufacturers, it is also the world's largest blank watch one of the factory, all for export.


With the "logic FM" 2035, the biggest feature is in its circuit version above the five parallel leads, no other watches are, but only it has. That is used in the production to adjust the accuracy, careful observation of a certain number of broken parts of the line, 5 lines can produce about 32 kinds of permutations and combinations of changes, specifically how broken the line is certainly by the computer and equipment operation.