10 common characteristics and finishing of watch case materials

- Oct 20, 2017-

10 common characteristics and finishing of watch case materials

1) steel: steel, chromium and nickel complexes, stainless steel, chromium and nickel complexes, stainless steel processing, corrosion resistance and wear resistance are better than the former, the surface can electroplating can not only do plating, sandblasting, polishing or sand drawing processing, forming different stereoscopic effect the appearance of the effect. Scraping and repairing.

(2) gold plating: rose gold, black, copper plated steel color, 3-5 years began to change color, scraping can not be repaired.

(3) K gold: K gold refers to gold and other metals mixed together of the alloy, because its English is karat gold, so referred to as K gold. Precious metals, gold is 24K, but is not suitable for the production of pure gold watches, must be mixed with other metals to enhance hardness, with silver, copper and palladium in general, but no matter what kind of mixed metal, gold accounted for 75% respectively. With gold, silver and copper ratio, can produce five different color materials, respectively in n that the copper content level, such as the highest amount of copper containing gold and platinum in 5N, the correct term is k white gold. Scraping flowers can be repaired.

(4) titanium metal: because of the upsurge of all steel watch, titanium metal is gradually showing itself. Its material is called "aviation age" metal. What is titanium? Titanium metal is found in the crust of the earth, its appearance can be bright shiny metal, or silver gray, dark gray powder. Titanium is a light, hard, heat resistant and cold resistant metal. It has an oxide film on the surface, which prevents wear and corrosion. Scraping flowers can be repaired.

(5) Bao Jin: the case is made of stainless steel, wrapped with a layer of gold alloy, rolled into a whole by mechanical rolling, its thickness is measured in microns, and 1 microns is equal to 1/1000 mm. The thickness is up to 10 to 15 microns, and only 2 to 3 microns in general. Slight scratches can be repaired

(6) copper: in the watch, copper is the best thing, it is cheap, and the characteristics are very easy to process, it is mainly used in the movement, most of the movement is the use of brass alloy splint. Usually we see the movement of the yellow and white color, yellow movement is usually plated titanium oxide, white movement is galvanized nickel alloy.

(7) tungsten titanium alloy: first with a pressure of 1000 PA tungsten carbide and titanium carbide powder is pressed into the blank, and then die, then in a special furnace with high temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius in the sintering for high density components, finally through multiple processes and diamond powder after grinding system a tungsten titanium alloy sparkling, good abrasion resistance.

(8) steel: high hardness, wear resistance, the appearance of lines clear, bright, called "wear-resistant material". It can be combined with steel to make watchcase ring mouth or watchband and grain, so as to increase abrasion resistance and decoration of shell and belt surface. High strength, scratch resistant, heavy and fragile.

(9): precision ceramic precision ceramic smooth, wear-resistant, not to hurt the skin, is the main component of zirconia, obtain good processing performance under certain temperature conditions, then through advanced processing method, make watchcase, watchband exquisite, can also be through a special method of various colors, more gorgeous and noble. Medium strength resistance to scratch, the disadvantage is fragile.

(10) compound glue: difficult to repair flower, the general life of 8 years